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eStretching is Bioinicia’s proprietary multifunctional mono- and multi-axial electrospinning and electrospraying processes, that are at the core of the Fluidnatek line of equipment. Based on the classic principles of electrostatic electrospinning and electrospraying, eStretching combines novel emitter design and controlled fluid delivery systems to yield a stable and productive size controlled fiber and particle fabrication processes. eStretching overcomes the typical hurdles that has made the scale up and industrial adoption of electrospinning so difficult in the past.

The eStrecthing technology can be simply explained as follows: a liquid is flown through a capillary tube that is located in front a counter-electrode acting as a collector. An electrical voltage (V) is applied between the tube and the collector. There is a range of electrical voltages where the meniscus anchored at the tip of the tube turns into a stable cone and a very thin liquid jet is emitted from its apex.

This conical shaped meniscus (called Taylor cone) can only be established for a certain range of flow rates and voltage settings. The diameter of the emitted liquid jet depends mainly on the electrical conductivity of the liquid, ranging from the microscale (for non-conducting liquids) to the submicron and the nanometer range when highly conducting liquids or solutions are used. Downstream, depending on the rheology of the liquid, the jet breaks up into droplets (electrospraying) or undergoes a whip-like motion (electrospinning).


Our Clients say:

Being easily the best access point into industrial-grade electrospinning, the LE100 is a true asset for the SME to bridge across R&D and manufacturing.
Antonio Rinaldi - NanoFaber (Company). Italy, Europe.