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The CEEI presents their nine speeded up Valencian start-ups

The European Business and Innovation Centre in Valencia (CEEI Valencia) has held their 24th Presentation of Companies, Demo Day, in which nine recently created Valencian companies were presented. They stood out due to its clear differentiation component based on innovation and technology.

The purpose of this event is to recognise, bolster and promote nine companies supported by CEEI since their creation until their market consolidation. These nine companies belong to sectors of the economy which are aiming high, such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Renewable Energies and Water treatment, Biomaterials, R&D consulting, etc.


Bioinicia has presented its eStreching processing technology based on electro-hydrodynamics, which allows the development and production of equipment and new materials applicable to the textile, food and implants sectors, among many others.

On the other hand, Friomrkt has made known its activity in the development and commercialization of integral solutions for the industrial cooling sector. Its great exporting capability and the creation of new branches in Argelia and Senegal was also commented. Hidmo Consulting has put the spotlight both on the support provided to importing and exporting companies at the time of obtaining their Authorised Economic Operator Certificate and on the advice given on customs preparation. In addition to this, IdaiNature presented its innovative technology which allows the production of residue-free, healthy and environmentally friendly aliments thanks to biopesticides.

Our Clients say:

Being easily the best access point into industrial-grade electrospinning, the LE100 is a true asset for the SME to bridge across R&D and manufacturing.
Antonio Rinaldi - NanoFaber (Company). Italy, Europe.