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The first industrial ‘alchemist’ of electrohydrodynamics

José María Lagarón is a clear example of a researcher-entrepeneur. He combines New Materials and Nanotechnology team management at the Agrochemistry and Food Tecnologies (IATA-CSIC) with the creation of technology-based companies. The first company he started up was Nanobiomatters, whose nanoclays prevent food packaging from oxidation and microbial contamination. His second company has just been formalised. Bioinicia was born in Valencia with a promise to revolutionize the world of materials thank to electro-hydrodynamics technology.

Lagarón has embarked himself on his second business project with BioInicia, a ‘spin-off’ of the CSIC, it is an engineering company with a ‘very strong’ researching component since it makes use from its group at IATA-CSIC in Valencia. The scientific team is in charge of contract researching, which is later on transformed into equipment by the company.

El primer alquimista industrial

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Antonio Rinaldi - NanoFaber (Company). Italy, Europe.